Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick update

Hi everyone~

Very quick update since I need to go to bed so I can fight this cold/sore throat/sinus thingy I have currently. All I can say is thank goodness April vacation is on the way. I already have plans to visit the Cape to visit my favorite aunt and our favorite tea room, while also finding time to relax and correct any pending material.

On the school front, we are in the midst of MCAS, which seems to be going well. After the session today, I asked my students for their honest feedback on how they were doing, how prepared they felt (we did so many practice session and dissecting of open response writing I think they were ready), and what they could do better the next day. Keep your fingers crossed the next two days go smoothly.

Remember how I was saying I couldn't wait to be done with this year so I could go back to teaching at the high school level.... well, I'm ready to eat those words. I am having such a blast this year with my students, the staff, and the material. As each unit progresses, I find more exciting and challenging things to do and find myself looking forward to Monday mornings (go figure). I can't wait for next year so I can build on what I did this year and make it so much better. I think its official... I'm a proud middle school teacher (I never thought I would say that!!!!).

The next two months will be crazy. Lots of church stuff going on which Holy Week and then Easter, plus teaching, plus other personal stuff going on at home (nothing horrible, just interesting), and looking forward to end of June/early July since I'll be teaching the 6th grade session of Vacation Bible School at St. Anne's Parish (Doug's aunt helps run the program and asked me if I could volunteer!!!!).

I think that is pretty much it. I've been slacking again on my Thumbs Thursday but I promise to make an effort to get those started again. I'm even going to remind myself in my email calendar.

Hope all is well with everyone and wish you all a blessed Holy Week and Easter season~