Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

Ah, one of my favorite holidays. What a perfect day for it too. Just a quick update because I have to shower and get more homework done before school. First, here is Rosie in her costume:

So tonight should be fun. I'll be taking a break from studying and homework to go to Witch's Woods in Westford for Doug and Kristin's annual get-scared night. We go to the haunted houses, the hayride, and just have a fun time. I look forward to it every year. And the best part is its usually dead (excuse the pun) because everyone is still trick or treating.

On that note, I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 2 of Teacher Conference

Final day of NEATE and it went well considering the last session I went to I was one of three attending. It was suppose to be a round robin, where you visit three of the presentations during the 90 minutes. Instead the presenters just took 20-25 minutes to go over their presentation at one table to the whole group. Since I was the only one interested in the hiring process session, I was able to have a kind of one on one with the presenter (there was another gentleman there that was part of the Rivier English Education department so he was able to give me information as well).

Spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies (13 Going on 30 and Blair Witch Project) and now its homework time til Dougie gets home. Its a little freaky being home alone (Dave just left so I am literally home alone) considering all the scary movies on right now and the weather. Rosie keeps looking outside and barking... hopefully it just the leaves.

Oh, I forgot to mention last night's date. Friday's was gonna be a 45 minute wait so we went to Quizno's instead and we watched Knocked Up. It was a cute movie and it freaked me out big time about having a baby! But it was sweet and I liked the plot. Hated all the drug references, but what else is new. I just blocked it out and tried to enjoy the message of the story.

Okay, that's three updates in one week. That's pretty good for me! Don't get excited though, I'll probably forget to post until November with my luck.

Friday, October 26, 2007

My first teacher conference

So today, at the crack of dawn (7am) I headed over to the Nashua Radison for my very first teacher conference (New England Association for Teachers of English) and what a great day it was. For those who were Resident Advisors (my only two readers), this conference was very similar to BACHA. There were three sessions today and there are two tomorrow. Although I didn't do well on my goal of networking but I did get a ton out of the session I attended today.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to the session on how to get hired. Since I'll be starting to apply as early as March for this fall, I'm hoping I will get a lot out of this particular session.

Tonight I'm surprising Doug with a mini date night. I'm thinking of going to TGIFriday's (free appetizer with my Gold Card) and then watching Knocked Up (yes, I'm the last person in the United States to watch this movie). Then it is back to homework the rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I think I survived midterms!?!?!?!

So my midterms were Monday and Tuesday of this week so now that its Wednesday, I finally feel like I can breath again. What a stressful weekend! Luckily I was able to throw some fun breaks into the weekend, like dinner at the Cedar Crest with my hubby, meeting my mom's new beagle and having tea with the ladies. These three things got me through the weekend. It made me realize that when I'm a teacher, I can't throw myself into my work and hope to see June. I need to make these little activities part of my life or I'll get burned out real fast.

Speaking of teaching, I've heard nothing but great compliments from the school I'm observing in and my advisor. I'm starting to feel like I can actually do this! I can be a teacher!!!! How crazy awesome is that?

Today is a sad day for the family. The Seedlings (me and Doug) will be going to his cousin's funeral today. This is his second cousin that past away this weekend and was suppose to be the best man in his brother's wedding this upcoming weekend. So it is a hard week for that side of Doug's family.

I think that's about it in terms of updating. This weekend I'm attending my first English teacher conference in Nashua, NH so I am pumped. I'm hoping to have the guts to do some networking and get lots of great tips for my classroom.