Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pics of the house!

Whew, just finished the last weekend (fingers crossed) of painting the interior of the house :-)
Here are a few exterior pictures to tide you over until next weekend when the hubby, the bulldog, and I move into the homestead.

This is the far right side near the mailbox. That's my new car (2009 Ford Focus). You can see the double garage stall, cozy and cute breezeway, and white entry door that will lead you into the kitchen. Green bush jumping into the picture on the right is no longer there (thanks Mommy!)

The front of the house... beautiful Japanese Maple tree, a lovely picture window in the living room, and I adore the black shutters (Can't have a cottage/ranch without them).The far left side of lot. That's a Rose of Sharon bush blocking the master bedroom (far left of house) and the guest room/nursery (when the time comes) is the middle room on the left side of front door. Wonderful sunlight during the day!

And just to be goofy, here is a picture of hubby and I next to our Sold sign that we made the seller's agent put up the day we closed (I look extremely tired in this pic for some reason).

Interior pictures will be up next weekend once we have moved everything in and are more settled. I will say that the interior colors came out great and I can't wait to show you all!