Friday, October 26, 2007

My first teacher conference

So today, at the crack of dawn (7am) I headed over to the Nashua Radison for my very first teacher conference (New England Association for Teachers of English) and what a great day it was. For those who were Resident Advisors (my only two readers), this conference was very similar to BACHA. There were three sessions today and there are two tomorrow. Although I didn't do well on my goal of networking but I did get a ton out of the session I attended today.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to the session on how to get hired. Since I'll be starting to apply as early as March for this fall, I'm hoping I will get a lot out of this particular session.

Tonight I'm surprising Doug with a mini date night. I'm thinking of going to TGIFriday's (free appetizer with my Gold Card) and then watching Knocked Up (yes, I'm the last person in the United States to watch this movie). Then it is back to homework the rest of the weekend!


Sarah said...

OMG Knocked up is such a good movie!!! :-D It makes you want to have babies! ;-)

Danielle A. said...

You're not the last person in America... Steve and I haven't seen it yet either. :)

KiKi said...

I have Knocked up on my Netflix b/c we need to see it too!!!

James said...

AHEM! Reader #4 was also a reader advisor...a long time ago, but still.