Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My stress level is rising...

Classes start a week from tomorrow and I have yet set up a meeting with my teacher for student teaching. The current stumbling block... my CORI form. The results aren't in yet (or no one has mentioned they are in yet) which means I can't step on school property. I didn't get anything done that I hope to this semester break... observe some classes, get a head start on what I would be teaching, and start my reports that are due the first day back at Framingham State College. I feel like I'm spinning out of control and don't know which way is up.

On top of that, a personal issue I've been dealing with since the end of last month is still unresolved and that person hasn't said a word to me, even though I tried to communicate with them. Perhaps that is the answer to my question, but was still hoping for some sort of response from them.

I just feel like life is all over the place right now and I'm not in control of what is really important. Add the unknowning-ness to student teaching (another thing I'm freaking out about) and I just feel so lost.

Maybe once school is back in session, things will be better.


KiKi said...

Oh no! Stress is terrible, espeically when it's coming from something you can't control! Can you call the school to find out the status of your CORI?!?

Hang in there because soon you'll be in front of that class and this will all be a distant memory!

Kstar said...

Thanks Kiki... I've emailed the principal so its just a waiting game right now til he gets back to me :-(

Sarah said...

Don't worry, it'll all work out in the're a hard worker and you will do awesome, even if you aren't able to get as much of a head start, you'll soon forget all about it!