Monday, September 8, 2008

The baby bug..

So this past weekend, Dougie and I babysat Eli, our friend's beautiful four month old and we had a blast. Eli's mom and dad went out for a movie and drinks so we got to practice changing diapers, feeding, changing clothes, and putting Eli to bed. It was so much fun (and a great learning experience) getting to rock Eli to sleep and reading him a book (its never too early to start!!!).

This week at school we are finishing our first short story and learning about plot, setting, and theme. We also learned this week's spelling words (silent e and suffixes are the type of words) and we have our first vocab quiz on Wednesday. All in all its been so great. My students are sweet as pie and are working hard already. We are are working on our 5 paragraph essays this week as well (something we started the first week of school), revising and peer editing them so I can correct the first draft this weekend.

I have my first staff meeting tomorrow after school and my first new teacher meeting Thursday so I'm looking forward to seeing how those go. Other than that, I'm really having a great first year (which makes me think I'm not doing it right!!!).

Anyways, off to correct and prep for tomorrow!


KiKi said...

Awww babies! We'll call on your expertise for the Conman one of these days! Although I'd rather actually hang out with you guys!

Danielle A. said...

Yay for wonderful times in Seedville. Babies are awesome. We're babysitting this weekend too - looking forward to it! There certainly is a baby bug.. AND - I'm so glad that things are still going positively for you. How awesome. :)