Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankfulness....and enjoying a day off!!!!

Hello all!!! Happy Day After Thanksgiving. Many refer to this day as Black Friday but ever since my days of working at J.Crew (god, how I miss those days....), I always say its Green Friday. And boy, are the masses out today! I went with hubby to McD's for breakfast and the Target parking lot was packed!!!! And of course Rt. 28 was jammed. We are planning on going out tonight after Lessons and Carols at St. Joseph's to do some decoration shopping (perhaps a stop at Target!!!!) since the apartment feels like it needs more Christmas stuff!!!

Today has been a fun day... we took down all the Thanksgiving stuff and put up our Christmas decorations. Here is our checklist:
  • Stockings, including Rosabell's
  • Both Nativity sets
  • My Lenox village pieces
  • Various hanging signs and nick knacks
  • Advent wreath with brand new candles
  • Holiday coasters
  • Christmas throw pillows
  • and our Snowmen mugs make a great decoration and hot chocolate holder :-)

Going back to Thanksgiving, I wanted to make a quick list of the things I am most thankful for this year....

  1. My husband... He is my number one fan and always supports me in anything and every thing I do. Last year I took the whole year off from working to obtain my teaching certification. And he was there, rooting me on and doing more than his share of things around the house so I could get all my work done! I am the luckiest gal!!!
  2. Rosie.. our bulldog. She is not only our dog but a true member of the family. I never thought I would love an animal as much as I do. We kid that she is our daughter... and we spoil her as if she was our baby!
  3. Family... I lucked out in the in-law department especially. My family rocks... that's all I can say.
  4. Friends... Again, I am pretty lucky in this category. I am so thankful for all my friendships since they are all so different. Each friend brings out a different side of myself and I love how each one has their own individual talent or gift they bring into the friendship!
  5. My job... Teaching is one of the best parts of my day. I love my students and feel so blessed having them in my life. I will never forget my first year and all the relationships I've made this year!
  6. St. Joseph... I love my parish. I feel so welcomed and part of the community. I've been giving many opportunities to share my gifts and especially love taking part in the Mass each week.

I hope everyone enjoys their day off today!!!! And enjoy the sales today ;-)

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KiKi said...

Happy Thanksgiving, I partook of some great deals! See you Saturday!