Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wow... has it been a strange few weeks....

Hi everyone... what a crazy few weeks its been in Pink and Green teacher world. First, I came down with one of the worst colds I ever had the beginning of the month (so bad that I actually called out of school) which then turned into bronchitis in time for my husband and my birthdays (sweet). During this time (last week to this week) New England has been hit with not only a crippling ice storm that has caused power outages and school cancellations (more on that later) but also a snow storm today and possibly twice this upcoming weekend.

DH, Rosie, I were forced from our home because of said ice storm last week which caused/still causing major power outages and lack of heat. We had to stay at my mother's last Friday until Sunday because our power and heat was out. We finally got power back Sunday night but heat was on and off until yesterday. Knock on wood everything is finally working for us here, but there are so many others still suffering.

On that note, I've been out of work since last Friday because of the damage from said ice storm. I guess my school district was hit hard (central MA) and school will out of session until next Monday (22nd) unless the horrible snowstorm they are talking about hits us as well.

So, its been a strange couple of weeks. In the off time, however, I've kept busy. I've Christmas shopped, caught up on laundry, watched "Our Town" so I can use the film along with the play that we are reading in class, and all my correcting I was slacking on since my illness (I'm talking tests from THANKSGIVING!!!!!!)

Back to birthdays... DH and I had a lovely birthdays. He bought me a beautiful diamond journey necklace (the one with seven diamonds that go from small to large in a bit of a curve), took me out to my favorite Japanese restaurant, and to see Four Christmases (which was a cute movie). We also decided to spring on new cellphones so I got the AT&T Quickfire and he got an IPhone. I can't say enough about the Quickfire... I love the keyboard for easy texting and the touch screen is a wonderful addition as well.

Anyways, I'm going to work on some more correcting and then call it a night. Hope all is well with everyone and that you are all enjoying this wonderful Christmas season!!!!


Laura said...

I am going to teach Our Town for the first time this year...just because I want to.
I'm glad to know Four Christmases is a cute movie..sometimes I just want fluff.
Merry Christmas.

James said...

Just got around to reading this post. The movie of Our Town has one of the world's most wonderful scores. Copland was really on his game with that one.