Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thumbs Thursday

Hope everyone had a lovely Ash Wednesday! I know I did! I was asked to do the second reading at Mass last night and my cross came out really good. Not your typical smudge like most get. It was very dark and very defined. Thanks Father Art!

This has been a strange week so I may have more thumbs down than up. But I promise to always try to find at least one thing to be happy or grateful for.

Thumbs up:
Beginning of Lent: Like I mentioned earlier this week, I love this time of year. It is a time to draw closer to Jesus and to improve ourselves spiritually. Even my husband sees the difference in me and can appreciate how important this time of year is for me.

Last week of February: This has been the longest months of my life. I think it might also have to do with the vacation they took away from the students this month to make up for some of the snow days. All I can say is I'm looking forward to March and the beginning of Spring!

Thumbs down:
Not feeling 100%: I feel like this week my body has been fighting some sort of bug. My appetite has been off and the feeling that I'm going to be sick is not fun. No, I'm not expecting (let's nip that rumor in the bud!!!) I just think since I'm a teacher, I'm exposed to lots of gross little germs and this is one of them.

No February vacation: I know I shouldn't complain... Teachers and students do get two vacation this time of year. I will say, though, that they are well deserved. This time of year is extremely stressful with the MCAS exam just a month away, on top of everything else I'm trying to work on this year. It breaks up the month and helps give the students a final push towards the ELA portion of the test. Thank goodness its behind us and we survived that week.

Cancer: My mother-in-law's cancer has returned again (the "good" one, not the really bad one she fought back in '03) so that has been tough on the family. Luckily it is something she can take care of with only one day and night in the hospital, but it is still a hard thing to deal with every 6 months or so. We're praying that this will be the last time and that the doctors can find a more permanent solution.

Okay, back to correcting MCAS packets and then folding laundry. What a life I lead!!!!

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Laura said...

Oh I like this "Thumbs Thursday" idea. I think I will have my classes start with a thumb up comment and a thumbs down comment on Thursdays.