Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ah.... a quick break in the craziness. How is everyone doing? I'm great. I'm working hard teaching summer school (MCAS testing prep) and getting this house in shape (only 10 more boxes to go until we are unpacked) and I just finished getting my office/study organized and set up. Once the house is complete (curtains and all) I'll give you a virtual tour of the house :-)

So yeah, this summer is very different from last! Last summer I was a bump on a log stressing about finding a job and spent more time in my pj's then in real clothing. This summer I'm getting ready for year 2 at awesome middle school, making mad money teaching this summer, and getting ready to start grad classes in the fall. That's right.... I'm making the jump and starting grad school. I plan on taking one class this fall while I apply and hopefully I'll be accepted for the spring term.

Honestly, that's about it for me. It's been work, work, work this summer and gearing up for school. I was so depressed when school ended but I quickly realized that I needed the break as much as my kids did. And now I'm recharged and eager to try new lessons, rework my unit plans, and get ready for another successful MCAS session!

Hope all is well with all of you and you are enjoying the summer!

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