Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thursday Thursday

Morning everyone!
First, last night's dinner was fab! I made my nana's crepes for Dougie and I and they didn't come out too bad. Here are some pics...

So I picked Amanda up and we hung out at my place. We played 45's (she kicked my butt) and Uno. I even tried to teach her Rummy. Its a hardgame to teach.

Today we're heading to Canobie Lake Park for the majority of the day. Should be wicked fun!



Danielle A. said...

Rummy is a hard game to teach - but it's so fun!

Your crepes look yummy, and you look deep in concentration in that picture. :)

Have super fun at Canobie today!!!!

KiKi said...

I heart Rummy, Gammie used to whoop us all at it, but she taught me good! Your crepes look delish, they're so hard to make!

The steak from last night also looks can steal anything you want from me!! :-)

Enjoy Canobie!

Doug said...

Let me just say this...the crepes werent fine....they were perfect..jeesh, give yourself some credit woman!