Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another busy day...

So I've been on the go this early this morning... poor Rosie had an accident in her crate last night so at 7am Dougie and I were cleaning poop and bathing her (again). Then I cleaned the bathtub (why not since I now have dog hair all over it again) and then took a shower. Then I watched my new favorite hour on tv, Dawson's Creek.

We had a vet appointment at 10am so I headed down the road for that. Then I dropped Rosie off at home and ran to Lowell to have lunch with my ex-coworkers (its like we broke up lol) and then busted down to Salem State to grab my transcript from my summer class and stalk my professor so I could get my final exam back.

Now I'm just relaxing and downloading pictures from last night into the laptop. Here are a few of my awesome dinner.... Steak Tips with EVOO and Rosemary (stolen from Kiki) and some rice.

And also a picture of Dave, our favorite neighbor!

Tonight for dinner I'm making my nana's crepes and omlettes (breakfast for dinner) since I didn't run to the grocery store. Also, my cousin Amanda is sleeping over and we are heading to Canobie Lake Park tomorrow!


Danielle A. said...

Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful weather! I'm sure you guys will have a blast.

And - your dinner looks tasty. :)

Doug said...

My beautiful, amazing, angel of a wife's blog is required reading :)

Steak last night = yummy in my belly :)