Sunday, December 23, 2007

4th Sunday of Advent... we are almost there!

I must admit, I have been a horrible Catholic this Advent. I didn't go to church the week like I wanted to, I didn't pray more like I wanted to, I got behind in my Blue Book of Advent meditations, and I didn't light my Advent wreath every night. These are all things I really hoped to do this Advent, since it is my first as a Catholic. But life gets in the way and I just need to make sure that the same doesn't happen for Lent (just because I'll be in student teaching means I should put everything on hold).

That said, today was my first official reading as a lector at my parish. I read the first reading from Isaiah, which I think was a great one to start with. I felt so proud and happy to be up at the front, reading the Word of the Lord and being part of the parish.

Here is a picture of the Advent wreath:
And a picture of the text around the wreath (I used the fourth week):

Well, the husband and I are getting ready for a holiday tea at my favorite tea room, then watching the Pats take on the Dolphins, and I'll probably head out late to finish my Christmas shopping. I am so behind this year!

Many blessings to you and your family this Christmas!

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