Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I need some time...

Whew, I forgot how crazy the holidays were. We have been non-stop since Christmas Eve day and finally have a few moments to breathe.

Christmas Eve: Overslept first of all (not good), finished last minutes shopping until 1pm, made a batch of my Grammy's pumpkin bread, got ready, and then headed to the Seeds. We then drove to Westford to Doug's Memere's house (still calling it that for a while I guess), dropped off the gifts, made my famous rosemary potatoes and threw them in the oven. We busted down the road to Uncle Ray at the nursing home, had a quick Christmas with him and then busted back to Memere's for Christmas Eve dinner with the Aunts. We had as lovely time, but it was different without Memere. Got lots of fun stuff including some books, teas, and Fondue stuff. We finally got home and in bed by 1:30am.

Christmas: Woke up at 7:30am, did a quick Christmas morning with Rosie and Dougie. This year we had a five gift limit because of the circumstances and I think it was the best Christmas ever. It made us think real hard about what we were getting each other and I think the gifts were more thoughtful. I got a teacher bag (!!!!!), awesome books (including a grammar book), a school house for my village, a beautiful cardigan from JCrew, and a few movies. Then I hauled butt to Mass where I did the first reading. It was so beautiful being in church that morning and being a part of the Mass. I love sharing my day with the Lord! Then we headed to Methuen to my mom's to have Christmas with her and Andrew (my brother). It was a nice small Christmas because we both don't have the money. We had stockings and Dougie and I gave them small gifts. My mom made an awesome batch of crepes and it was a nice time all around! Then we headed to Doug's parents for our Christmas dinner which included a rib eye roast, mashed potatoes, peas, and sparkling grape juice! We had an awesome Christmas with them too: I got another beautiful teacher bag, pj's (a tradition), some nice linens for my tea parties, and the best part: a complete bone china tea set! Needless to say, I'll be having a tea party real soon! Then Dougie and I caught a late showing of National Treasure II and hit the hay again around 1:30am.

Today: Slept in til 10am, then dropped Rosie at my mom's, headed to the hospital to see Grammy (Doug's grandmother) who is going the same exact path as Memere (same infection and same kidney issues), then went to my mom's again to have Christmas with my godmother and my cousins. We did a secret Santa thing so we didn't have to buy for everyone and it worked out well. I had my brother so I got him a cool calendar and some candy. My mom had me so she got me car mats (which I needed so bad!!!) and a gift card to Borders. We just got back from that and we are looking forward to a relaxing night. Tomorrow we have to visit my dad and his wife in Rockport and hopefully clean up the house and put our stuff away.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of happy memories and many blessings. I know I did!


Sarah said...

Glad to hear you had such an awesome Christmas! We did too, not as much running around as you did though. Enjoy the time off for a few days, see you soon!

KiKi said...

WOW, you guys had a hectic Christmas, it's worth it in the long run to make sure to see everyone. I'm excited to see your bone china tea set! What an awesome gift!!!! Enjoy these down days before everything gets started with teaching and see you soon!!!