Sunday, December 30, 2007

Grades are in!

All my grades are officially in and I have (drum roll please...) straight A's for the third semester in a row. Thank the Lord!

Here is the breakdown of the grades, giving me a semester GPA of 3.85 and an overall GPA of 3.75:

Professional Prep/Field Study II: A (highest grade in the class)
Professional Prep/ Special Education: A
Seminar in Literature: A-
Contemporary World Lit by Women: A-

I'm a little sad that I got two A-'s but Dougie says it still counts as straight A's which means I deserved my teacher bags (The deal was I would get one for Christmas if I had straight A's) and hopefully dinner out tonight after Uncle Ray's birthday party... I'm thinking Joe's at the Pheasant Lane Mall :-)

I want to thank all those people who supported me this semester and encouraged me along the ways and also understood when I disappeared from time to time. All those late nights and weekends paid off! A big thanks to my husband, who was so understanding and helpful when I had homework every night of the week and gave me the support and confidence I needed.

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Sarah said...

Awesome job K!!! We're soo proud of you! You totally deserve like 8 teacher bags!! :-P