Saturday, December 29, 2007

What a nice day...

Ah, what a nice day I had today. Dougie is up at the Lake with Dave and his friends for a ski weekend so I've been home alone this weekend. It's been so relaxing. Last night I read my favorite book, The Cheerleader, and watched some tv. Today I registered to vote (finally), had a very successful day of shopping for my student teaching (three skirts, a cardigan, a pair of khakis, and a nice pair of dress shoes) plus a little online shopping as well, a nice nap while watching Stuck on You, and now watching one of my favorite movies, The Departed.

Here are some pictures from Christmas that I forgot to put up before:

Dougie and I at Christmas Eve

Rosie in her new dog bed

Rosie playing with my stuffed animals

Rosie passed out with Uncle Andrew on the way to my dad's for Christmas

Okay, movie is getting to the best part.... Gotta run!

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KiKi said...

This picutre of you and Doug is so cute!