Monday, January 12, 2009


Quick recap:

Holidays were busy but great. Got to see pretty much any and all family members and got lots of cute preppy clothes, teaching books, movies, and a scone pan!!!! My goal of being a housewife is slowly coming true ;-)

Back to school and rocking out "Our Town". Act I quiz is Wednesday so I'm interested to see how the kiddies do. Tomorrow we are going over the study guide summary form they've been working on and then watching the first act.

Went to last Thursday's Bruins game with my hubby, his best friend Jon, and one of my best friend's, Ashley (who happens to be dating Jon). Such a blast and they totally won.

The Bachelor is on tonight!!!! I watched last week's episode and teaser after the show and was shocked. DeAnna!!!!! What is she doing to Jason!?!?!?!?! Ok, freak out over. All I can say is this is the season to watch. Plus, how could you not love Jason! I was so bummed last season when Jason went home broken-hearted and I am so glad he has a second chance :-)

I think that's pretty much it! Have a great week!

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Laura said...

I'm a closet Bachelor watcher.