Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine's Day and my last thumbs post

Hi everyone!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day :-) My honey and I celebrated with a visit to one of my favorite tearooms and I was surprised with a beautiful bouquet of red long stem roses. I'm so spoiled! We had a wonderful day and relaxed last night together on the sofa. We are such an old married couple lol!

Today was another busy day... visited my mom and poor Rosie got swollen eye while we were there :-(. We are keeping an eye on it and hopefully its nothing serious. Did some stuff around the house today (laundry, sweeping, and other wifely things) and then corrected some quizzes from Thursday while the boys (Dougie and his buddy next door) played video games.

Now my thumbs post from Thursday that I completely forgot about (I have my reasons but you'll have to wait and see!!!)

Thumbs up:
* Girl Scout cookie time: Got my girl scout cookies this week and just the right time. This has been the week from you know where so I'm been munching my stress away. My favorites are the Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Lemonades. Yum!
* Grading is just about done: Term 2 ended last week and I have all but one class entered. I just have to finish averaging grades and then I'm good to go!
*My new pink and green skirt I won on Ebay from a fellow blogger: It looks like it needs to be altered (darn my petite frame) but I can't wait to wear it. A perfect spring/summer skirt! It will look so cute with a pink cardigan and white cami!

Thumbs down:
*Full moons/School vacations that are taken away: Kiddies out of control this week. I think its a combination of a full moon and that our February vacation was taken away to make up for snow days this past December. Either way, so glad that the week is over and next week is a short week (yay President's Day!!!)

Anyways, off to get ready for bed and enjoying one more day off!

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roller coaster teacher said...

Bummer that your vacation was taken away :( Hang in there!!!