Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A few ups and and a few downs

It's been another one of those weeks... Its only Wednesday but I feel like its been a roller coaster.

First, my hubby's other grandmother passed away Saturday. Doug was a lot closer to Grammy so its been a little harder on him. Also, there isn't going to be any type of ceremony or Mass so I feel like there isn't any closure (at least for myself). She died the same way Doug's other grandmother passed away (infection which led to kidney and heart failure). So please keep the Seeds and Grammy in your prayers.

Then Sunday-Monday I had some sort of bug (high fever, chills, sweats, headache, and my skin sore to the touch). This is my third time in 6 months having this 24 hour thing and it bites. I hope it doesn't come back!

On a brighter side, I have two close friends who are having babies in 2008. James and Kristen Gleason are due in April while my friend Sarah is due in May! All I can say is Yippee and I can't wait to babysit (crosses fingers).

In addition to babies, I voted in my first primary yesterday. I never really fully understood the whole big deal-ness of the NH primaries (I'm new to the state...moved here in 2006) so it was cool having the opportunities to meet the candidates and casting my vote that helped my candidate in their run for the White House. Although they didn't win in NH, they are still in the game and look forward to following them as they continue on.

Finally, yesterday I had to run down to my student teaching school to fill out my CORI form and as I was driving home, I was thinking I need some sort of re-vamping since I'll be working again and I have to look decent. So on top of my new wardrobe I've been working on, I've added some fun hair accessories to the list so I don't have permi-ponytail from Feb-May. I bought some headbands and a fun hair tie thingy so hopefully I'll look the part.

Back to my housewife duties: laundry, decluttering, and loving my puppy!

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Doug said...

Loved the headband! Especially the pink one :)